Your Mind And Weight Loss

To succeed to lose your extra weight you should know the relationship between your mind and weight loss.How does your mind effect on your weight loss journey?.

what is the relationship between your mind and weight loss?

You and any one who want to lose weight when they just think in losing their extra weight, they feel afraid, and this is “what happened to me when I first thought in losing my weight”!, But why?mind

When I was suffering from my extra weight, my dream was “how to lose weight fast”, but when I started to set a plan, I was feeling afraid as I was thinking that losing weight is a very difficult thing to achieve” yes it is true” losing your extra weight isn’t an easy thing to achieve,

but in a day, I have discovered the secret that changed my life.

Do you want to know the secret?

The secret is “my mind”.

Your mind controls all your thoughts for ex: if you are playing football and injured during playing football, you will not feel your injury, why?

Because when you are playing football all your Feelings and thoughts “your mind” think about just one thing “playing football” so, before changing your weight ,you should change your mind” your thoughts” so, how you can change your mind to be able to reach your goal and lose your extra weight .

I hope that you get the idea behind your mind and weight loss, so

let’s know how you can change your mind ?!!

5 Steps To Change Your Mind

1-What you want to be, not what someone else wants for you

Imagine if some one says to you” you should lose your extra weight“, you hear his advice, but did he tell you why you should lose weight?

The answer is no, but when your main hope becomes losing your extra weight “you are the only one who know why you should lose weight and the only one who will do any thing to achieve it, right?”, you will succeed to achieve it. So, you should decide what you want not the other people decide what you want.

2-Why I want to lose weight?

Every one has a reason or many reasons why he want to lose weight. For me, my main reason was “I want to lose weight to be able to wear any clothes I like” so, what is your reason? I will not give you examples to choose from, why? Because you know your self more than any one in the world!.

3-Take a decision!!

Now, you know both your goal “lose your extra weight” and your reasons “you know them” so, becomes the most important thing to take your decision!!.

Starts to day don’t wait to the next day. Every day goes without using it to start your plan to lose weight, means that you are missing time so, be positive and start after reading this article!.

4-Your Feedback!

Don’t be sad if you failed to achieve the results you want! Just try to know why you failed to achieve the results you want. Change your strategies “you may do something wrong ” and keep in your mind next facts:

“Success comes from making good judgment, good judgment usually comes from experience, and experience comes from making bad judgment” .learn from your mistakes and make your mistakes as your guides!.

5-Imagine your self slim!!

Now you know that your goal is to lose your weight and of course you have the reasons for losing your extra weight and you have taken your decision then, you should keep in your mind that you will not lose your extra weight quickly,

I’m really sorry to tell you that, but it is the truth as losing weight needs time and keep in your mind that “achieving goals may faces troubles” ,but why you don’t convert these troubles into reasons that motivate you more and more? “More troubles=more motives”.

So, to be motivated along your journey to lose weight” always remember your goal, imagine what your body will look after losing your extra weight, you will be proud of your self ,you will do all things that you couldn’t able to do with your previous weight

Remember that there are many people who succeeded to lose their weight and they aren’t better than you!! And when you achieve your goal Of course you will be the happiest one in the world!!

At the end of my article, i hope that you get all important information about your mind and weight loss.

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I do trust all the ideas you’ve presented on your post. They are really convincing and will definitely work. Nonetheless, the posts are very quick for beginners. May just you please prolong them a little from next time? Thank you for the post.

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