Venus Factor Review & A Closer Look at The Venus Factor

Hi, Thank You For Your Time And Visiting My Venus Factor Review. I Make Full Review of this training course to get Full Picture of it and to know all details about Venus Factor and his creator.

venus factor review

Venus Factor Overview:

Creator        : John Barban
System For : Only Women
price             : $47 
Refund         : 60 Days %100 Money Back Guarantee .
Support       : Very Good And Fast Response.
Official site :
Delivery      : Instantly After Purchase Process You’ll Redirect to Members Area.

First,Who is John Barban?

Venus factor reviewJohn Barban is is one of the most trusted, professional and expert weight loss trainer, He is the creator of many successful weight loss program like Adonis Index Systems (only for men) and share his experiments through his site

He is a nutrition expert, graduated from Canadian University of Guelph in Ontario and have earned Masters degree in Human Biology and Nutrition, he has already helped many men and women to lose their weight forever!.

He created Venus Factor based on clear understand that women’s body is different than men so venous factor is specifically created to help only women to lose weight and maintain that for a life time.

What is the Venus factor?

The Venus Factor is a diet and fitness system that actually caters to your individual needs and personal desires as far as what you hope to get out of your efforts.

The main idea behind the Venus Factor is all about increasing your sensitivity to leptin “A natural hormone which  regulates your body weight , controls how much fat you lay down or burn off and controls your metabolism”Your metabolism is the key to successful weight loss”.

Get more details about Leptin Read: Leptin in humans: lessons from translational research

How does the Venus Factor Work?

When women come to lose weight, they don’t succeed easily because of 2 main reasons:

1- Each woman’s body is different, so what works for you might not work the same way for someone else.

2- There is two scientific facts (Women actually produce twice the amount of leptin that men do!)( a woman’s body doesn’t react to leptin the same way as men’s do which leads to slowing down metabolism and then gaining weight).

Leptin is the key components of The VF System. Venous factor Is based on How Leptin Can Make Weight Loss Quick or Easy.

The Venus factor will give you an extremely detailed explanation of how you can increase your body’s sensitivity to leptin and so lose weight far more quickly.

For a clearer picture more about leptin resistance and fat burning watch these videos

Why Venus Factor is A Unique Program For Women?

Vf Is a unique Program based on 3 important elements:

1- The unique way to the great female body is designed to work.

2- Not all women metabolize leptin in the same way. There are important differences between women in how leptin works. That ‘s why Vf is A unique Program For Women because

It actually offers you the opportunity to tailor what you’re eating, and how much you’re eating, to your exact requirements for those effective and fast ways to lose weight.

3- It takes account of the biological differences between men and women’s bodies.

What are the major things I will get when getting venous factor?

The Main Manual:

it will help you to determine your ideal Height Waist ratio, Waist Hip Ratio, Waist Shoulder Ratio.

The Venus Factor 12 Week Fat Loss System:

It will show you how to find the right eating formula for your specific needs and the caloric intake is calculated according to your weight and height and it covers the most important subject Leptin hormone.

The Venus Factor Workout Manual:

It includes a step-by-step 12 week workout” divided into 3 phases, each one is 4 weeks long” which has direct links to online video for quick reference.

It is the most important part because it will help you to tone your muscles through resistance training and you will get access to the complete routine with pictures, explanations, and videos.

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What is Venus Factor System Pros and Cons?:

 The Pros:

1-You don’t need expensive gym equipment because all are workouts you can do in your home.

2-Vf can work for any woman, at any fitness level.

3-The workouts are easy to follow and they are all shown in video and pictures.

4- You can get your money back with 60 days.

The Cons

1-It is designed especially for women .It is useless for men.

2-It is not for you if you have any bone injury because it is based on workouts.

3- You will need internet connection to download because it is a Digital product.

It’s Your Time Now:

Now it’s your turn to take action today and get this perfect wight loss system that it’s the essential diet and fitness tools you’ll need to to lose your weight and get the shape you want .

It takes into consideration what each individual woman’s body might be like. There isn’t really anything else like that out there… and believe me, I’ve looked!

If you still hesitant to get Venus Factor then you have 60 Days 100 % Money Back Guarantee just in case you are not satisfied.

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