6 Tips to Lose Belly Fat

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When I was suffering from my extra weight, my first goal was “how I can lose belly fat” and how I can get “a flat stomach” so, I searched for healthy ways that helped other people to lose belly fat and I will share with you 6 tips that helped me to achieve my goal.

1- Every Thing Is Possible!

Yes, your mind and your thoughts are the first tips! When you need to succeed to do something you should decide your goal,

set your plan and believe that you can achieve it! Right?! Then when I decided to lose my belly fat I believed that I can achieve it and you should believe you can achieve it!


2- Smart Goal!

Now you know your goal “lose my belly fat” then to achieve your goal you should keep in your mind 3 important steps:

Achievable goal “I want my goal to be achievable” I want to lose my belly fat gradually “as to be honest with you “you can’t lose belly fat and those love handles fast.

Set a plan for me first, I decided to lose 10 pounds in a month and I succeeded to achieve my goal by following these tips which I share with you.

Take Your Action! Now you decided your goal and your plan then you should take action! Start today and don’t give yourself excuses that you can’t do it, it’s too hard, or you don’t have time! “Hope is our main cause to live” we can’t live without hope “hope to better life” then you shouldn’t let anything stop you from attaining your goals.

3- Why junk food!


My first problem was eating high amounts of junk food but keep in your mind that you can’t lose your belly fat until you succeed to keep away from junk food! As junk food contain high amounts of saturated fat, sugar, salt, calories and low amount of nutritional value which lead to gaining weight then becomes better for you to stop gradually eating junk foods” as I know that it may be hard to stop eating these foods fast but it may take time” my secret to you ” replacing junk foods with healthy substitutes helped me to quit junk foods”

4- Eating Healthy!

Keep the next healthy eating habits which helped me to lose my belly:

a)    Breakfast is the most important meal you should start your day with! So that, your body will not go starvation mode.

b)    Eat fat

OK, I know you will say ” how David? I want to lose fat not to eat fat?” yes you are right but I mean eating good fats not bad fats “that contain healthy benefits for your heart, cholesterol, and your health”

c) Don’t Forget Fat Burning Foods

Try to include foods that help your body to burn belly fat and lose weight such as green tea.

D) Fruits and Vegetables

Both fruits and vegetables are the most effective foods in my mind as they contain low amounts of calories and make you feel full faster and for along time” Fruits and vegetables were my best friends during my journey to lose belly fat!”


E) Drink Water!

Drinking your advised amount of water daily plays an important role to speed the process of burning calories then becomes better for you to drink 8 (64 ounces) cups of water a day.

f) Less alcohol

For me it was not a problem as I was not a heavy drinker but if you are try to decrease your intake amount and you will see great results in losing belly fat!

G) Cooking Your Foods and Eating In Small Plates!

When I decided to lose belly fat I stopped eating out the home and started to eat what my mother was cooking as when my mother was cooking “she was able to control what goes in to the food better than restaurant and take outs” and I was eating in small plates, cups to control my portion size of the meal.

k) Decreasing Your Appetite!

Imagine what will happen when you decrease your appetite? Yes you will eat fewer amounts of foods but how you can decrease your appetite? Take a small bite of something before meals ” you can choose from fruits, veges, nuts”.

l) Sweets Are Our Enemy!

Sweets contain high amount of sugar which leads to gaining weight then becomes better for you to eliminate your intake of sweets and “my secret to you “”you can replace sweets with sweet healthy foods such as yogurt or fruit”.

j) Read Labels of Foods before Buying!

Reading labels of foods helps you to know the amounts of fat, calories, sugar which help you to buy healthy foods and neglect foods that contain high amounts of fat, calories, sugar.

5- Doing Daily Exercises!

Doing Daily exercise has a great effects in both getting rid of belly fat and flatten your abs see what “your favorite kind of exercise and do it every day”

6- Good Night Sleep!

Studies proved that people who are tired” because of not sleeping for advised time” have slower metabolisms which mean not burning calories then becomes better for you to sleep at least 7-8 hours per night.

Weight loss begins in the mind. The power of the mind is huge!

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