Food Addiction – 6 Tips For Overcoming Food addiction

How To Know If You Are Suffering From Food Addiction?

8 Questions To Show You If Are you addicted to food food addiction

If you want to know if you are addicted to food, ask yourself the next questions and be honest with yourself!

#1: Do you always eat even if you aren’t hungry?

#2: Do you eat when you feel stressed?

#3: Do you eat too much especially foods that are not healthy to your health?

#4: Do you eat too much and vomit after eating your meal?

#5: Do you feel guilty after eating?

#6: Is food all you think about in your life?

#7: Do you want to stop eating so much, but you can’t?

#8: Do you eat in secret or lie about what you’ve eaten?
If you answer “yes”, then, you are most likely a food addict.

Know, i hope that you discovered if you are suffering from food addiction or not.

If you are addicted to food, here are 6 tips to help you free yourself from food cravings.

6 Tips to help you to overcome food addiction

#1: You are the starter pointovercome food addiction

Start the change from yourself. Don’t expect people will help you if you are not willing to help yourself.

Be honest with your self, accept the problem and start to overcome it.

#2: Remember your past

Remember your past and deal with your unresolved issues. Talk to the person who you feel comfort with him and who will listen to you in your moments of weakness.

Every one of us needs to be surrounded with people who love him and listen to him so that, he will fell well.

#3: There is a better life waiting for you

Everything is not just about your past, deal with your present. This is your now. Think positively, through this, you will succeed to change your bad habits and overcome food cravings.

#4: Walk towards your “FREEDOM” nowovercoming food addiction

For a long time, you were imprisoned by food addiction, you’re desperate and been deceived by your addiction, but are you really a prisoner? Of course “big no”.

The secret to the freedom from food addiction is your mind! Your mind gives you the power to control your actions so, continue to value yourself and your mind more because you deserve to live free.

#5: Guilt serves no purposeaddicted to food

Don’t feel guilty about what you’ve done. If you’ve ‘fallen off the wagon’ get back on track. Think how you can face your cravings.

#6: You can’t stop food addiction over-night

You will not overcome food addiction overnight so, you can gradually reduce your intake of these foods until you succeed to overcome this habit.

For ex: if sweets are your food triggers and you eat two Pieces of chocolates daily “start with eating 1 piece daily then 1 piece every 2 day, 1 piece every 3 days until you reach 1 piece every 7 days”” and the less you eat from unhealthy foods the more weight you will lose”.

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