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Your Mind And Weight Loss!Your Mind And Weight Loss

When you come to achieve any goal in your life, ask yourself the next important questions:

” what gives you the starter point to choose what you want? When you start? How do you do these things? What gives you Power and motives to face any troubles which you may face and helps you to stick with your goals?

Yes, your mind! This is what I discovered in my weight loss story!


For me, when I came to lose my extra weight, my mind was the only thing that made me decide to lose my extra weight, not something else! And so you!

First, my mother was saying to me” David you should lose your extra weight!”I was hearing here advice, but I didn’t take any decision until I “started to think about my weight”, I said to myself “David you are overweight, you should lose weight” which this means?

This means that my action came from me” my thoughts and my brain” not from anything else!

You are the person who takes any decision!

I remembered “how many people advised me to lose weight, but I didn’t hear their advice until my brain waked me from sleeping!”
Then, becomes the power of your brain and thoughts!

Weight loss begins in the mind. The power of the mind is huge!

But how you can use your brain power to be your trusted supporter in your journey to lose weight?!

10 Steps to Use your brain power to help you in your journey to lose weight!

1-You Deserve!

You deserve to be the healthiest one in the world! Right? Our bodies need more care not excuses “why you don’t replace your Negative Thoughts with positive thoughts?

Replace these words” I can’t – it is difficult” with “I can –it is possible” speak to yourself positively! And you will see with yourself that these positive influences will follow you throughout the various aspects of your life! Please, appreciate your thoughts!

2-Thoughts From surrounded People and Places!
I hope that you decided to change your thoughts! Now becomes the next important step” look at your surrounded People and Places”,be honest with yourself and ask yourself the next important question:

Are they positive and supportive people and places? If no, becomes better for you to change them with supportive people and places because I tried it my self “my surrounded people and places had a big effect in my weight loss journey”, you will discover yourself!

3-Your mind focus on what you want!

You can try this experiment to discover this with yourself:
Close your eyes for a moment and think about just one thing “being slim”, what your mind will focus on?

Your mind will focus on being slim, not how to be slim!

Then, becomes important to focus on your goal “of course losing your extra weight”! It is the starter point!


4- Your First Main Focus! Your starter point!
Ask your self this question” what gives you the power to stick with any goal you want to achieve? “Yes your mind! Which means that?

This means that as long as you are mentally ready to lose weight, you will succeed to achieve it!

Make losing your extra weight your first main focus “how much pounds you want to lose 20 or 30 or more” for me, my goal was to lose 60 pounds and I succeeded to achieve it! I’m not better than you!


5- Your Second Main Focus!
Now, becomes the next step to take “How to Lose Your Extra Weight” your second main focus. Think about the healthy ways to lose your extra weight.

6-Why Waiting!
After knowing both your first and second focus” lose your extra weight and how to lose your extra weight, “becomes preparing your brain to start your plans “it is time doing your plans” the next step in your preparing mind journey.

7-Always Motivated!
Ask yourself “why I want to lose weight?” every one has his personal reasons “search for your reasons” and always remember your mind with them “in your moments of weakness, don’t forget them”! Then, your mind will always still motivated!

8- Tame your feelings! Hunger!
This was the thing that helped me more to lose my extra weight! How? In some times ,When I was feeling boredom “stressed from any situation” and reached for a snack, the first thing I was doing “I was asking my self if I’m really hungry or not?

I was walking or chatting with a friend and then, I was finding “in many times” that I forgot that I was hungry! And so you can do! Eat when you are sure that you are hungry and stop when you feel you are satisfied.

9- See yourself as successful person!
To lose weight, you need to see yourself as a successful person! Do you know why many people quit that diet or this exercise plan? Because they see themselves as failures,

But if they see themselves as successful people, they will not quit that diet or that exercise!, But they will look why they failed to achieve their goals” success gives us a major reason for thinking why we fail”!

10- See yourself as a slender person!
Always look to your hopeful person” without your extra weight” “from your starter point” and forget that you are “overweight”.
Do you know what is the first thing I did before losing my extra weight?”

I put a picture of my friend who has a slim body in my home which gave me motives to face any troubles.

Now, after losing my extra weight “I put a picture of my new self ” which gives me daily motives to not gain weight and keep my current weight ” I can’t imagine my self before losing my extra weight!”.

At the end of my journey with you and how you can use your mind,i hope that you get the idea and started using the power of your mind and weight loss!

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