18 Steps To Stop Binge Eating

How To stop binge eating In 18 Steps

I will share with you 18 easy steps to help you stop binge eating which will help you to lose your extra weight faster and in a healthy way.

#1: Move forwardHow To stop binge eating

If you have over-eaten the day before, don’t starve yourself the next day. What’s done is done .Don’t look at how ‘bad’ you were. Today is a new day. New day for changing not for blaming.

#2: Get in touch with your emotions

When you come to overeat, ask yourself the next question” Are you lonely? Depressed? Bored?” if the answer is “yes”, then, you can play football, call your friend, read a book or walk, but don’t eat.

As when you are really hungry you eat less amounts of food than when you transform your relationship with food.

#3: Use a natural appetite suppressant

You can focus on foods that suppress your appetite such as fruits, vegetables, Proteins such as (eggs, chicken, fish, and lean meat), Carrot, banana, pomegranates.

#4: SleepProducts for weight loss

Inadequate sleep leads to food addiction so, becomes better for you to get your advised hours of sleeping (8 hours) every night.

#5: Maintain your blood sugar levels

Low blood sugar levels lead to food addition so, how you can maintain your blood sugar levels?

Don’t leave long gaps between meals, eat three meals a day and two snacks and focus on whole grains, green vegetables and fruits.

#6: Brush your teeth straight after eating

The minty taste of toothpaste helps to stop your cravings, you can try yourself!

#7: Focus on what you are eating” Practice Mindful Eating”Weight loss products

When you are eating, pay attention to how delicious the food is, the texture of the food, the aroma etc, so that, you will allow your brain to register what you have eaten, control how much you eat and stop your cravings.

#8: Make a Connection between Healthy Foods and Pleasure, unhealthy foods and a poor quality of life

Do you know what will happen if you focus on the pleasurable act of eating and what you are eating? You will, literally change your brain chemistry to appreciate and look forward to healthier foods not unhealthy foods.

So, becomes better for you to make a connection between healthy foods and pleasure, unhealthy foods and a poor quality of life, poor health and obesity.

#9: What are your Trigger foods? Beware!Best Weight Loss Products

Ask yourself this important question” what are your trigger foods?” may be sweets or salty or carbs .So, When they’re around, becomes better for you not to eat them or eat them occasionally with caution.

#10: Be assertive

If you are invited to a party and you want to eat healthy foods, Speak up and let people know how you feel so that, you can come to a compromise.

#11: Do daily exercisesstop binge eating

Bringing a rewarding feeling in your body may be a reason for addicting unhealthy foods “when you are sad, you may eat a piece of chocolate to make you happy, right?”
Doing exercises brings the same rewarding feeling in your body, you can try yourself! So choose your favorite exercise and do it daily and you will get the same feeling, and stop your cravings for ever.

#12: Find someone who suffer from Binge Eating

Find some one of your friends or family who suffers from the same problem and start with him so that, both of you will encourage the other one and support the other one and still motivated.

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