Best 10 Fat Burning Foods

Fat burning foodsFat Burning Foods And Your Diet I will list best 10 fat burning foods,but  first Many of us may don’t know the importance of fat burning foods, especially in our way to lose weight ,so

What are fat burning foods and how can fat burning foods affect your way to lose weight?

When I came to lose my extra weight, I came to

3 facts behind fat burning foods and losing your extra weight:

A) To lose your extra weight, you have to burn your body fat

B) Your metabolism is the process of burning both fats and calories

C) There are some kinds of foods which are called belly fat burning foods that help your body to burn fat and boost your metabolism ,so

I will share with you “list of 10 fat burning foods” which will help you to boost your metabolism, burn fat and get flatter belly.

List Of Best 10 Fat Burning Foods:


Beans are the most important kinds of vegetables because of containing high amounts of zinc, protein and fiber which make your body use energy to digest them and then burn more fat and calories. Best kinds of beans” Lima beans- White beans- Navy beans- Kidney beans”.

#2:Green tea

Green tea plays an important role to burn fat ,so I recommend 3 cups daily” will help you to burn 35-to-43% more fat” . I was drinking a cup of green tea after my launch and another one after my dinner.

#3:Fish Products “Best Fat Burning Foods For Men”fat burning food

Fish products are the best fat burning foods for men . Fish products help your body to burn fat and improve the condition of the human heart because of containing omega-3 fatty acids. You can choose any kind of fish products such as “salmon- tuna- mackerel”. Salmon ,especially plays an important role to lower Leptin” it is a hormone that encourages your body to store fat” Levels in your body and then not storing fat.


Nuts are good sources of belly fat burning foods as they help to burn belly fat because of containing healthy fats such as “monounsaturated -polyunsaturated fats” and protein ,so becomes better for you to eat small amount of nuts “peanuts- walnuts- macadamia nuts- hazelnuts- pecans” to get benefits, but small amount not big amount.

#5:Lean Meats

Lean Meats are good sources of fat burning foods because of containing proteins and nourishing which force your body to burn fat.


Eggs help your body to burn fat because of containing high amount of protein which raises your metabolism, burn calories and fat ,building muscle ,raising the levels of HDL cholesterol” good cholesterol” not LDL cholesterol” bad cholesterol” . Adding eggs to your breakfast will make you eat less foods in your others meals.

#7:Milk and dairy-based products

best  fat burning foodsMilk and diary products such as Yogurts- Cheese- Milk are wonderful foods that help your body to burn both fat and calories because of containing calcium which improve the body’s fat-burning ability . I was eating Yogurt in my dinner as researches proved that yogurt is an effective kind of belly fat burning foods. People who eat Yogurt lose 81% fat in their stomach area ” and this what made me eat yogurt daily in my dinner and you can add any kind of fruits to make it delicious!”


Almonds are my best foods as they are delicious, help to burn fat and reduce cholesterol because of containing good fat “the monounsaturated fat”.


When I was dieting, I was eating Garlic regularly as many searches proved that garlic is one of the most effective fat burning foods because of containing the compound allicin which leads to suppressing the appetite, increasing metabolism, burning more calories and fat.


Tomatoes are good natural fat burner because of containing high amount of Vitamin C and citricmalic-oxalic acids which lead to speeding up your metabolism and helping your body to remove fat. At The End Of my article about best 10 fat burning foods,i hope that you get benefits and add this list of best fat burning foods to your diet. Click Here To See My Honest Review About The Truth About Fat Burning Foods  [A Trusted (Fat Burning – Fat Storing) Foods Guide].

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