Hey thanks for checking out my site, for those who are interested in knowing who I am I just thought I’d share my personal weight loss story quickly…

DavidMy name is David Zakria,

12 months ago I’ve been struggling with my weight. Early on I was about 5.1 feet weighing around 189.9 pounds at 21 years of age.

My weight was the worst thing in my life as I was not able to enjoy my life like my friends .

I was not able to run or play sports like them, I was not able to wear any beautiful clothes which suit my age”the most difficult moments i was feeling,when i was seeing my friends playing football and i could not play like them”.

At this point I decided to face this problem “in my mind your extra weight is an option not a problemand lose my extra weight.

I followed a diet plan until I succeeded to lose nearly “66 pounds” in 5 months, now I’m really happy to reach my goal, thanks to god!

To be honest with you, I faced many troubles during my journey to lose weight” this is the main reason that motivated me to make my site“, but I was always remembering my goal so, if you faced any troubles or problems during your journey to lose your extra weight,

don’t give up your goal ,but always remember ityour goal is your best friend in your journey”.

Lastly, if you are thinking about losing your extra weight please, start today! Taking decision is the most important step in your journey to lose your extra weight so, why you don’t start today?.

To your success,